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DeFi Coin (DEFC) has launched its official Telegram channel (DeFi Swap Official Telegram) and chat group for investors and users.

DEFC’s fast-growing community of investors have got plenty to talk about since the coin launched and was selling for just $0.10 in its pre-sale. Those of you who followed through on forexcrunch’s buy recommendation will have seen gains of 10x.

The DeFi Coin project will be launching its DeFi Swap decentralised exchange soon and in anticipation of that, more buyers are being attracted to the coin.

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DeFi Swap Official Telegram for latest hot news

Telegram is the de rigueur destination for crypto projects and the new DeFi  Swap channel has already amassed 1,304 subscribers.

The DeFi Swap Telegram channel provides a space to stay abreast of all things DeFi Coin and DeFi Swap and where members can also get any questions answered by the project team via the chat admins.

For sure the weekend price spike of the coin has been just one of the hot topics of the chat room. On the BitMart exchange the price hit $0.966 on Saturday.

Telegram provides a secure place to discuss DEFC price action and project news but anyone new to crypto on Telegram should also be aware of the ease with which bad actors can set up fake accounts to ensnare the unsuspecting so be sure to follow the links shown here.

A favoured technique of scammers is to DM (direct message) Telegram users with links to fake accounts.

The DeFi Swap channel makes clear that admins will never send unsolicited messages to subscribers to the official channel and to report anyone who does. Suffice to say, also ever send money/crypto to anyone soliciting for funds for a supposed great new project.

There is also a useful DeFiCoin (DeFi Coins Official Telegram) official Telegram channel that broadcasts the latest news from the ecosystem but does not provide a chat facility – it has 2,870 members.

In addition to trading and staking on Bitmart, DEFC can be traded on popular DEX venue Pancakeswap.

DeFi Coin on the up

There is currently around $85 billion locked (staked) on DeFi protocols as the boom in the sector continues. Many of those protocols are on ethereum but a growing number of challengers have cropped up in the smart contract platform space. You can read more about how to buy cryptocurrency in our guide.

Among them is Binance Smart Chain which has much lower development costs than ethereum because the transaction and computations costs are much lower. DEFC is built on the BSC.

Youtuber Forex Robot Nation thinks DEFC is a coin with 100x gains potential, so checkout the video below.

DeFi Coin is a hot new project having only listed on Bitmart on 19 July. But with the interest around DeFi set to mushroom further, likely so too will the price of DEFC.

There are rumours that the project has already lined up an institutional investor, so if you want keep up with the latest on that and other breaking news, the official DeFi Swap Telegram is the place to be.

DEFC can be purchased and staked on Bitmart exchange