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  • Popular whistleblower Edward Snowden believes the recent BTC price drop was “too much panic and too little reason.”
  • Barry Silbert, the Digital Currency Group CEO, also believes that this is the right time to buy Bitcoin.

The infamous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has recently tweeted that he is considering buying Bitcoin. Snowden is a former Central Intelligence Agency employee who is now a fugitive after leaking highly classified National Security Agency documents. He believes that there isn’t any particular reason behind the recent crypto sell-off that saw BTC lose 50% of its value in two days. 

This is the first time in a while I’ve felt like buying bitcoin. That drop was too much panic and too little reason.

In addition to Snowden, several others believe in something similar about BTC. Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group, tweeted:

I’m buying. This is why bitcoin was invented

The founder and CEO of cryptocurrency and blockchain recruitment firm Crypto Capital Venture, Dan Gambardello, says Bitcoin is a good buy after the plummet but warns that it might not be a wise move considering that the market is gripped by fear.

I’d say buy the Bitcoin dip, but I feel like that would be irresponsible. Markets are operating out of complete fear and panic and technical analysis is next to useless until things settle down.