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  • Ethereum developer to overhaul ICOs giving power to the investors while keeping projects on their toes to deliver.
  • Ethereum has recovered above the resistance at $210; next target is at $218 and $220.

The Ethereum community is anticipating a network upgrade that is expected to revamp the network’s capacity. The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin recently assured the community that Ethereum 20. Which has been rebranded to Serenity 2.0 will soon arrive in the market. Besides, it has been reported that a whitepaper with details of the upgrade has already been released.

Bloomberg, on the other hand reported on November 5 the Ethereum Christmas conference. It is believed to be the largest conference for the Ethereum community. The conference is referred to as Devcon and has over the years brought together developers and other industry players interested in the Ethereum project. While last year’s event was attended by other parties including Wall Street players, unlike this year’s event which was attended mainly by developers. However, the attendance double that of last years to 3,000. Bloomberg reports that:

“One of the event’s presenters took out a guitar and started singing “B-U-I-D-L (…) radical markets are coming to you, don’t ICO when there’s work to do.” Lyrics were projected on a screen and the rest of the conference room sang along.”

One of the renowned faces that popularized the ERC20 token standardization, Fabian Vogelsteller mostly used with ICO reckoned that he intends to overhaul how ICOs are conducted. His aim to give the investor an opportunity to call back his funds if the project is not shaping up as to his expectations. According to him this is supposed to encourage ICOs to work hard and deliver as promised.

Ethereum price technical picture

Ethereum can be seen trading at $241 after breaking above the short-term resistance at $210. The uptrend kicked off on Sunday where ETH/USD recovered above $200. The price is currently heading towards the resistance $218 and eventually attack $220 before projecting to $230 in the near-term. The crypto is trading above the moving averages to show that the trend bullish supported by the positive RSI signal and the MACD at +1.3656.

ETH/USD 15′ chart