Forex Articles for the Weekend – November 12 2011


No big indicators were necessary for some wild action. The storm has reached Rome in a very exciting week. Before the mess continues, the markets are now closed and its time for some long term forex related articles. Here are my picks. Enjoy!

The US continues showing signs of improvement, but there’s still one highly regarded institute which insists that a recession is coming.

  • Lakshman Achuthan, head of ECRI insists that a recession in the US is imminent.
  • Ed Harrison explains why the euro-zone breakup is inevitable. There are many more interesting articles on his site.
  • Emmanuel from the IPE Zone discusses the “stealth intervention” tactics from the BOJ.
  • Kathy Lien discusses safe haven currencies in a TV interview.
  • Larry Greenberg discusses the political landscape and states that bad news trumps good news.
  • Lior Cohen from Trading NRG has a new weekly video analysis.
  • Lisa Pollack outlines scenarios for the big ECB bond buying that is highly anticipated.
  • Casey Stubbs discusses the advantages and disadvantages of forex day trading.
  • Andriy Moraru talks about detecting pin bars using MetaTrader.
  • James Woolley discusses his experience of trading forex and stocks using long term charts. Do you use long term charts?
  • Michael Greenberg analyzes the recent reports by the CFTC and reaches an interesting conclusion: American forex traders lost $20 million.
  • Francesc Riverola announces a new display for FXStreet’s popular Market Talk section.
Here the long term posts published on Forex Crunch this week:
  • Evolution of the Forex Market – A nice infographic and video describing the rise of forex trading.
  • Trade with the Trend – The second chapter of the Trade Forex Responsibly eBook is out. You can download the full eBook by joining the list below.
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