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The weekend is here, and it’s time to sit back and read some long-term forex articles, before the storm arrives. The next week is a “blockbuster week” featuring so many important events for the short and the long term. Here are my picks:

  • Adam Kritzer talks about how the currency war devalues all currencies – except gold.
  • Larry Greenberg dives into the upcoming US mid-term elections – an event that will also impact the markets.
  • Jay Norris sees a sign for the dollar by the shift in bonds.
  • FXSTreet released an experts forecast for the week, month and quarter.
  • Casey Stubbs posted an excellent video about Fibonacci trading.
  • James Chen teaches about how to use Andrews Pitchfork for risk reward.
  • Andriy has a poll about the role of luck in forex trading. Interesting results.
  • Michael Greenberg reports that Gain ( has been fined for abusive market practices.
  • Francesc Riverola reports that Mike Baghdady, the veteran forex trader, is looking for 10 apprentices for a “turtle trader” project – taking unexperienced people and turning them into successful traders.
  • James Woodley challenges the claim that 95% of traders lose. This also depends on the broker – there’s one broker that stands out.

Forex is associated with trading – people actively trade to make profits. But now forex can be an investment – by having experts trading for you, in a similar way to mutual funds.