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Here’s a bunch of forex related articles that I found interesting in the last week. All of the linked stories have a scope larger than one day’s trade:

  • James Chen discusses how to determine forex trends, with moving averages.
  • Adam Kritzer follows up on carry trades, which remain popular, but are doubted.
  • James W of Forex Articles discusses Fibonacci Analysis and forex trading, claiming it’s a match made in heaven.
  • Casey Stubbs dives into the anatomy of profitable trading strategy with an article intended not only for beginners.
  • Michael Greenberg of Forex Magnates, also joined the Factory News Network. Congrats! He reports on a new bi-monthly newsletter from FXCM, about the forex industry. A look behind the scenes…
  • Tim Barnby, the No-Nonsense Trader, talks about asking the right questions from forex traders, in his post title 1,000 pips? I’ll take 50 – The Greatest Lie In Forex.
  • Larry Greenberg, author of Currency Thoughts, compares US economic performance under different Fed Chairmen. Quite an interesting history lesson.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!