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After an exciting week that ended with Non-Farm Payrolls, it’s time to relax with some long-term forex related articles, before a new week begins. Here are my picks. Enjoy!

Note that most of the links come from blogs that are in my list of top 10 forex blogs.

  • Michael Greenberg analyzes the annual report from the Foreign Exchange Committee for 2009. All in all, forex is on the rise.
  • Kathy Lien points out the correlation between USD/JPY and US yields.
  • Larry Greenberg looks back and states that double-dip recessions are extremely rare in the US.
  • Macro Man discusses deflation and inflation in his special style.
  • Casey Stubbs emphasizes the importance of being picky and patient in forex trading.
  • Andrei finds many similarities between drinking and forex trading.
  • Adam Kritzer interviews Roland Manarin that states: “Don’t try to beat the market”.
  • Francesc Riverola provides more details about the upcoming “Forex Trader of the Year” contest.
  • James Chen brings an educational article about trading forex volatility.
  • Alan talks about the impacts of global crises on forex trading.