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Fresh moves and on fresh data, not real results. The initial polls showed a lead of 52% for Remain according  to YouGov. And now new data is in. It is still far from over, but the Remain camp has the initial momentum.

GBP/USD reaches a new high of 1.5008.

Update:  UK leaves the EU – it is official – expect more crashes

Update:There are reports that Nigel Farage backtracks on his concession. We are seeing another profit taking move with a slide to 1.4965.

Update:  GBP/USD crashes to 1.48 on Newcastle report

And  GBP/USD < 1.43 and bounces 200 pips on Sunderland Leave Win  

In addition, the early counting of postal votes from  Sunderland shows a 60% lead for Leave, above the 56.5% expected and discussed in our preview.

Here are the  reasons for the fresh move which also impacts other currencies.

  • Another poll shows 54% for Lead. This is an Ipsos Mori poll released just now.
  • Sun concedes loss. It’s front page for tomorrow is an admittance of the loss. T

Earlier, Nigel Farage, the head of UKIP said that Remain “edged it”. According to some reports,  this is based on private polls.



GBPUSD rises on Ipsos Mori Sun defeat