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A brand new rewards scheme at 450 Australian United Petrol stations gives customers  20% cashback in the form of cryptocurrency (INCNT) actually traded on exchanges.

The Sydney based startup Incent is offering a great deal to customers to try and boost their coins popularity.

All customers need to do is join their loyalty program, add a bank account and they can get 20% back on all fuel purchases at United Petrol.

The company has not stopped there as Incent also has deals at H&M and Pizza Hut (3% cashback) and Ticketmaster (2%) in Australia.

CEO Rob Wilson commented:

“Giving consumers something of real value rather than points that can expire or only be redeemed under strict conditions is one of Incent’s key differences,”  

“But it’s also what goes on under the bonnet that makes it truly compelling. Once a user has synced their bank account, rewards are issued automatically.

“There are no plastic cards to remember and no friction for the customer or business. Consumers can literally save as they spend, seamlessly.”

As you can see from the chart below the contract is very illiquid but  Incent are hoping schemes like this will mean the take up improves. As always the early adopters may benefit.

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