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  • The pre-mainnet is a functional copy of the future Libra’s net.
  • The team plans to hold  collaborative events to attract developers to the project.

Libra Association revealed the details about the development of the digital coin backed by the social media giant Facebook.  

Currently, the pre-mainnet is a copy of the future operational net that allows to access the functionality and test it before the launch.

“Until we launch mainnet, the best and fastest way we have to demonstrate Libra network functionality and provide early access to developers around the world is through our pre-mainnet,” the team wrote in the blog-post.  

The pre-mainnet includes seven active nodes and 14 nodes in process with eight nodes out of technical control of the team.  

Notably, the test network has registered over 51,000 transactions since its launch in September. Currenlty there are 34 various projects, including ten cryptocurrency wallets and eleven block explorers created in Libra’s testnet.

“The Libra Association intends to deploy 100 nodes on the mainnet, representing a mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructure. All the work we are doing now on pre-mainnet supports this goal of greater resiliency on the network through a wider diversity of infrastructure,”the team added.

The roadmap with the key milestones of the project was published in October.  

Also, the team held a Libra Core Summit to attract new developers to the project and build a collaborative development plan for Libra Core. The company plans to have such events on a regular basis to discuss issues and opportunities of Libra ecosystem with the developers.