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There has been an official statement from  Xinxi Wang, a board director at the Litecoin Foundation, who addressed the Github issue where some people has been suggesting that Litecoin had been abandoned.  

The director said, “Github was updated frequently but not in the main repo”.  

Wang went on to reveal that Adrian Gallagher, the Litecoin core developer, was testing the latest upgrade 0.18.1  version. He further commented saying “that once the code is reliable, it will be merged to the main repo.”

Charlie Lee has made his feelings clear about the recent situation and when Wang was asked about Lee’s commitment to the cause he said:  

“Charlie has been a huge supporter of Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation. This should be seen as a tremendous indicator of Charlie’s belief in LTC and commitment to the project. The community has also helped greatly and we have plans to keep fundraising from the community in ways that resonate with them.”

Wang also had his say on the hash rate decline to the current 318.9 TH/s saying “the price drop to be one of the contributing factors. While acknowledging that Litecoin was still very safe, he added that following the decline in its valuation, miners using old rigs “could be losing money and thus stopped mining” leading to a drop in the hash rate.”