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  • Tech giant Microsoft has patented a solution that uses human bodily activity data to reward users with crypto.
  • The system aims to reduce computational energy consumed during mining while also making the mining process faster.

Microsoft has recently patented a new system that records and uses human bodily activity data to reward people with cryptocurrencies when they perform certain tasks. These tasks could include watching an ad or using certain internet services. 

This new solution uses the data generated based on the body activity of a user as a proof-of-work (PoW). This helps users by reducing the need to use expensive hardware equipment to mine bitcoin (BTC). The system aims to minimize computational energy required to mine digital assets, while also accelerating the mining process.

Microsoft said:

Some exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure may use human body activity associated with a task provided to a user as a solution to mining challenges in cryptosystems. Instead of massive computation work required by some conventional cryptocurrency systems, data generated based on the body activity of the user can be a proof-of-work, and therefore, a user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously.

According to the patent document, the new system will involve sensors, servers and hardware, which will all operate together to record the bodily data of the user when he/she performs an allotted task.

A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. A cryptocurrency system integrated into the device of the user may verify whether or not the body activity data meets one or more conditions set by the cryptosystem and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.