More than 70% of Millennials are willing to Invest in crypto if offered by traditional financial institutions – eToro Survey

  • More than 71% of the millennials and overall 60% of the investors surveyed said that they would invest in crypto if offered by traditional financial institutions.
  • On the other hand, 77% of the Gen X investors surveyed said that they trust stock exchanges more than crypto assets.

eToro, the social trading platform giants, conducted a market survey which released some pretty interesting results:

  • 71% of the millennials ( people born between 1981 and 1996) said that they “would invest in crypto if it was offered by traditional financial institutions.”
  • 60% of the total investors surveyed said that “they would invest more money in crypto if it were offered by a traditional financial institution.”
  • 40% of “millennial online traders” have more faith in cryptocurrencies than the traditional stock market.
  • Half of the investors surveyed have expressed an interest in crypto allocation in their 401k plans.
  • Out of the 1,000 online traders revealed that 77% of Generation X (born between early-to-mid 1960s and early 1980s) respondents trust stock exchanges more than crypto assets.

Guy Hirsch, eToro’s managing director, said about the survey results:

“We’re seeing the beginning of a generational shift in trust from traditional stock exchanges to crypto exchanges. At the heart of this change are the asset classes themselves. Younger investors’ experience with the stock market has seen a great deal of loss of trust, with the fall of Lehman Brothers because of irresponsible practices followed by the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

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