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Rumors from various sources say the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will leave to exile in Montenegro,  Is Mubarak in Podgorica? Authorities in Montenegro were asked about this, but refused to answer, due to privacy limitations about asylum seekers.

It will be interesting to hear something from the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Igor Lukšić. According to the current talk, the small Balkan country that already hosts former Thai president Taksin Shinawatra will have Mubarak as a refugee. There is no confirmation about this plan or if Mubarak has left Egypt.

Another source says that Montenegro is the destination as Gamal Mubarak, son of the president, has ties there:

“Orascom Holding, a multinational Egyptian corporation which singed a contract last year for the construction of tourist complexes with the Montenegrin government” is owned by the president’s son Gamal Mubarak, according to

Another source (Spanish), hints about possible preparations for the arrival of the Mubarak in Montenegro (quote translated by Google)

The daily Dan, in turn, indicates that the majority owner of Orascom and Egyptian businessman considered close to Mubarak, Naguib Sawiris, who allegedly left the country since the protests could get to Montenegro, from Cyprus, “to prepare the ground for the arrival of the Egyptian president and his family. “

This rumor about the president’s exile follows the “day of departure” – mass protests in Cairo, Alexandria and other cities call Mubarak to leave today. Apart from Mohamed ElBaradei, also the general secretary of the Arab League, Amru Musa, also attended the protests.

ElBaradei might give up his candidacy for presidency in favor of Amru Musa. Musa is well known in Egypt and throughout the Arab world, while ElBaradei is well known in the West, but not in Egypt.

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EUR/USD is rising once again following the rumor that Mubarak will exile in the Montenegro, although it is not necessarily related. Also other currencies are rising against the US dollar. Earlier, the dollar rose after the drop in the American unemployment rate.