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The good guys at Forex Live are holding  a live course starting this Friday. Knowing the team for a very long time, I am certain the education you will receive at this event will certainly be worth every penny.  

Here is the information about the course and here is the signup page.

ForexLive  has opened the doors on our latest  Live Trading Course, ACT 4.  
Last year we ran 3 courses which were only open to our onsite readers. All 3 were filled within days. Following the success of those, this year we are opening the course up to a wider audience.

The week long live course will be led by Greg Michalowski, author of the leading Attacking Currency Trends trading book, and ForexLive’s chief technical analyst and head of education. The course is designed to provide a great foundation for inexperienced traders, as well as honing the skills of those who have been in trading a while and need to take that next step up.

Everything in the ACT course will be applied during a week of live trading. This is not a course where you will watch old videos while we make the ACT method fit old charts so it looks good. We don’t believe in teaching by using hindsight methods. What we teach will be applied in live markets. Trades will be identified and taken in real-time, and managed in real-time.

There are many parts to the course. One is to show how to apply technical analysis properly. If you think that technical analysis will tell you where a price is going, you need to have that myth dispelled, and you need to understand the full potential of using technical analysis to define your risk. The art of trading isn’t learning how to make money, it’s learning  how not to lose  money.

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Another part of the course, is dealing with the psychology of trading. How to cope with our emotions so that we can maximise profits and minimise losses. How often have you been the deer in the headlights staring at a position that’s losing money and not known what to do? Suddenly that great idea you had about which way the price is going doesn’t work and now you’re using hope instead of discipline as a strategy. Getting a grip on your emotions and discipline isn’t easy but doing so means that you remain in control of your trades and not your trades in control of you. There’s no better way to teach that than when it’s live.

The ForexLive team is made up of traders from all areas of the market with many years experience, and  we will all  be teaching  during the course. While Greg will be leading the bulk of live trading, the rest of the team will be passing on their knowledge throughout the week;


  • Adam Button  – Economist and trader. Bloomberg’s (and others) goto man when they want to know about Canada and the Canadian dollar. He’s a trader and analyst that really knows about global news and fundamentals, and will teach you how to understand and trade the news properly. Adam’s expertise is that he can delve right into the news and data to pick the meaningful parts that other miss. He knows the difference between a passing comment or item and a game changing one.
  • Eamonn Sheridan  – Spot FX dealer for 13 years at Bankers Trust. A wealth of experience in which he carves through the market myths and conspiracy theories that traders fall back on when trades go wrong. He’ll teach you why big banks are not hunting you down to blow your stops, and how to avoid dangerous trade placement.
  • Mike Paterson  – Over 30 years experience in FX. A former interbank trader with UBS and Credit Suisse. If you do believe the big banks are after your money, then he is one of the people who’s been in that hot seat. He’ll also destroy the theory that the big boys are after us. More importantly, he’ll teach you about supply and demand trading and the large bank orders that move prices. With an insight to those large, market moving interbank orders (that he posts daily onsite), he’ll teach you how you can be profitable by using them in your trading.
  • Ryan Littlestone  – Over 25 years in financial markets via the LME and LIFFE and trading his own account for nearly 20 years. Trading discipline and dealing with the emotional side of trading is his strong point. He will be first to admit that for all his experience he still suffers from lapses in control and from when emotions take over, and how that’s cost him money. However, he will teach you how to regain that control back quickly so that it doesn’t manifest into something larger that ultimately hurts your trading account permanently. Ryan will also give you an insight into how to use the market tools available to your advantage. Think leverage is the spawn of the devil? He’ll tell you why it can be a traders greatest tool in protecting your account.

So what makes this team and course different from any others, why are we so special?

The answer is we’re not special. We don’t promise to make you rich, we’re not flogging signals or systems. In fact, the course is going to involve a lot of hard work. But then, every profession requires hard work, and trading is a profession. If you truly want to fulfil your potential as a trader then you need to be prepared to work hard at it. If you haven’t realised already, there’s more to this profession than putting money in a trading account and putting lots of lines on a chart. What we do promise is that we will use all that we’ve learnt over many many years to help you become a better trader. We feel that’s the minimum any teacher should offer.

It’s more than just a course

After the course we won’t drop you like a hot potato. We understand that some of our ACT traders will need further support. After last year’s courses we realised that we lacked giving that extra support to our ACT traders. As all of the ACT traders were regulars on ForexLive they could speak to us through there but we felt it wasn’t enough. So, we are opening up a 24/7 Live Trading Room purely for our ACT traders. ACT traders new and old will have exclusive early access and it will be built and operated in conjunction with our ACT traders. Through it we will be able to provide the additional support anyone may need. It will also be a home for ACT traders to help each other or just to talk about trading. We are going to build it into something special but it will be something that traders want, not just what we want.