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OnlyCam is a decentralized platform that seeks to revolutionize the adult content industry by using today’s most innovative technology – the blockchain. 

For decades, this industry has struggled with unfair practices that have made it difficult for top performers to advance and grow in an environment that is largely dominated by big production companies.  

OnlyCam aims to change that by introducing a decentralized, multi-faceted platform where creators will be compensated directly for their work. 

How does OnlyCam work? 

OnlyCam is a web 3.0 solution that relies on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to power its native token $ONLY.  

The $ONLY cryptocurrency is the ecosystem’s mean of payment. Creators will be compensated for their work and they will have the possibility to exchange their holdings for other cryptocurrencies through a decentralized exchange that OnlyCam will be developing as well. 

Five different platforms will be deployed to fully power this revolutionary web 3.0 ecosystem. This is a summary of what each of those platforms does: 

Only.Cam is the project’s streaming platform in which creators will be able to showcase their content to a global audience of potential subscribers that can be monetized through another platform called is a marketplace where creators can sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as images, videos, and other artwork. is a marketplace where adult content creators and businesses can sell merchandise such as toys and branded apparel. is a platform on which creators will be able to progressively build an audience of private customers who will compensate them in exchange for accessing exclusive content. is a decentralized exchange and payment platform through which creators will be compensated for their content and they will also be able to use this feature to exchange $ONLY tokens for other cryptocurrencies. 

Top benefits of OnlyCam 

  • No intermediaries: streaming platforms and big production companies have taken a large cut out of the compensation of content creators and performers for decades. OnlyCam aims to change that by introducing one of the most incredible advantages of web 3.0 – decentralization. 
  • Multiple ways to earn: OnlyCam creators can earn money in different ways. They can build an audience that pays for exclusive content, they can sell some of their top content as a non-fungible token (NFT), they can sell branded merchandise through, and they can earn passive income by holding $ONLY tokens as a portion of the network’s transaction fees are passed on to token holders. 
  • Copyrighted content: performers in the adult industry no longer have to give up the rights of their content to a production company to earn money. They can now rely on OnlyCam’s NFT marketplace to mint their content on the blockchain. This gives them ownership over what they create and it also allows them to earn money by selling their copyrighted content to a third party. 
  • Borderless and free of shackles: adult performers who live in locations where their profession is considered illegal or where this activity is banned can now rely on OnlyCam to stream their content to consumers in multiple corners of the world. 

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