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PayPal CEO  Dan Schulman, has recently had his say on a number of issues to do with cryptocurrencies.

Firstly Mr Schulman said he hold some Bitcoin and that BTC is the only crypto he has at the moment.

He noted despite the fact PayPal left the Libra Association:

That doesn’t mean that I don’t think crypto is an interesting idea and that people are trading it quite a bit. It’s more commodity-like than it is cash-like right now. But you can think of use cases in different countries and different places where it can be more stable than the alternatives

The PayPal CEO then added although he likes the idea that David Marcus (Libra Co-Founder) proposed, after doing their own research there was too much to do for the project to come to market.

He then went on to point out,  PayPal’s very own roadmap requires a lot of focus and that it made more sense to channel its resources in their own direction.

Lastly, the financial titan said  that it’s not out of the question for the two companies to join forces again later on.