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  • The Ripple price continues to advance forward and is now at the $1.26 level
  • Developments in SEC case continue to look favourable for XRP’s future
  • The Crypto market appears to be on the verge of a huge bull run as Ripple starts its engines

After an eventful week for the Ripple price, it looks like the situation has once again turned favourable for the crypto market’s fourth-largest coin by market cap. It is currently trading at $1.26 and there seems to be considerable bullish momentum to move it forward even further.

To add further fuel to the fire, the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit that has been going on for years finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel. Investors seem to think that the latest development was a big win for XRP, and the price has reacted accordingly, jumping to $1.26 or an almost 10% gain. The implications for the outcome of the case are huge for the crypto market and Ripple’s defence is looking stronger than ever.

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Short Term Prediction For Ripple Price: Further Upside Expected Until SEC Decision

As the date moves closer for a decision on the Ripple case, there is bound to be considerable speculation on the XRP price. A feel-good factor spike could ensue and a jump can occur although there could also be some pullbacks along the way.

If a bullish thesis comes into play, the Ripple price will probably approach the $1.35 level without much further ado. If that is breached, then the price has a clear climb to the $1.75 level with no major resistance on the way. That could also lead to a burst of buying activity with the Ripple price coming close to the $2 level which was its yearly high in 2021.

On the other hand, a bearish thesis would invalidate this scenario. If that were to occur, the Ripple price would most probably descend below the $1.20 level quite fast and drop further to the $1.10 support level. However, with all the positive energy in the crypto market at the moment, this scenario is unlikely to happen.

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Long Term Prediction For XRP Price: Will ATH Of $3.40 Come Before End Of Year?

Its been more than three and a half years since the Ripple price touched an all-time high of $3.40 but that level seems to be a distant memory for those long-suffering XRP investors. However, with the recent developments in the SEC case and with the general positive crypto market vibes, this mirage may seem to be clearing at last.

Some analysts are predicting a price of around $2 by the end of the year for Ripple but others are bolder and are looking at the $3 mark. Some wildly bullish predictions have XRP closer to the $5 level although that could take a little longer to happen.

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