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  • Roger Ver, the CEO of, launched a Twitter tirade against Bitcoin (BTC) calling it “censored.”
  • Earlier on Wednesday, February 6th, Ver had shared an article which detailed all the alleged cases of censorship in r/Bitcoin.

Roger Ver, the CEO of, and one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) launched a Twitter tirade against Bitcoin. The man who is also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, tweeted the following:

“If you enjoy censorship and having dissenting voices silenced, then BTC is the right crypto for you. If you enjoy liberty, financial sovereignty, and open discussions, then Bitcoin Cash or just about anything other than BTC is the right crypto for you.”

Earlier, on Wednesday, February 6th, Ver had tweeted out an article titled “A (brief and incomplete) history of censorship in /r/Bitcoin” which cautioned readers to “not use the censored /r/bitcoin or Bitcointalk. Use /r/btc instead.”

In the article, the author going by the pseudonym of “John Blocke” highlighted several Reddit posts since 2015 which, according to him, were examples of censorship within the BTC community.

His tweet has not been received well by the community. Some of the replies to his tweet are:


“It’s sad because he could have been one of the strongest voices for Bitcoin. Instead he choose this divisive ego driven path where he attempts to insist he made the reeeeaaal bitcoin.roger doesn’t see the problem force feeding his alt and naming it bitcoin.”


“You’re associating a trustless, secure, and decentralized currency (BTC) with the mass opinion that your view point is incorrect. BTC is not censoring you. People who support BTC are censoring you. These are different things yet you group them together in order to support BCH.”


“I genuinely appreciate hearing your alternate (or, different than my own) perspectives on the cryptospace… but I think this one is a bit of an emotionally driven reach, Roger.”