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A recent spate of bad weather has hit Chinese province Sichuan and caused some Bitcoin miners to halt their operations.  

The  Poolin area has  demonstrated that many of the area’s cryptocurrency mining facilities, which take advantage of the relatively cheap hydroelectric power available there, have been totally  decimated by floods.

The cheap hydroelectricity resulted from the summer rainy season in Sichuan has been attracting many bitcoin miners, which recently  pushed  bitcoin’s total hashing power to a new high, although massive amounts of rainfall now appears to be also an operational risk.

Sichuan Minjiang, a prominent hydro-energy company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, commented saying  that three of its power plants in the area have already halted operations, while another one is flooded with water.

The China Daily have also run a story about the implications the weather is having on the area. To read the full story click here