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Rather than having to crawl through the news to get the latest updates happening in the world of Forex, listening to a podcast while at the gym or commuting your way into the office can be a much more convenient way to get your daily dose. Podcasts are often far more entertaining as it’s more like listening into a conversation, rather than reading something static off a page. Posts vary widely and offer the latest in analysis, education, insight and occasionally, inspiration.

We took a poll around our offices at Leverate to ask our staff, experts within the fx industry, which posts they like to listen to the most whilst on the go. Here’s what they had to say.

Chat with Traders

An all-round favourite, these posts never get boring as Aaron Fifield, the host, holds weekly interviews with a different winning trader every week. Just a sample of the interviews have been with Lance Beggs, Zach Hurwitz, Adam Ryan and Joel Kruger. The series is ploughed with gold mines and I would even recommend going back as far as you can, as there are useful nuggets of trading wisdom to be pulled out of each video.

Wall Street Warriors

Based as a TV show, Wall Street Life on channel 8 gives you a rare inside view of the dramas unfolding in banks, brokerages and hedge funds. High up in their ivory towers, or rather glass encased sky scrapers, Wall Street Warriors offers very entertaining listening as it gives you an otherwise never seen insight on how things are done inside the fast track world of FX. The episodes follow the daily lives of eight successful individuals who each trade in the millions. As the series unfolds their lives intersect in unexpected ways as they slip from the limos to the frenzied American Stock Exchange trading floor.

CNN Money

Heaped with posts on a huge range of topics CNN Money’s Youtube page will go into everything from personal finance and small business to the economy, markets and innovation. Listen to pod casts about trading psychology or about the start-up tech scene in Tokyo. If variety is the spice of life, then CNN’s Money page is a veritable salsa.

Bulls on Wall Street

The ultimate podcast for a forex day trader. Have you ever dreamed about quitting your job and learning how to trade stocks whilst earning a fantastic income from home? Well, in the path to that aspiration the Bulls on Wall Street may be an excellent place to start.  Taking the newbie trader and skilling them up with insights and market analyses to become a profitable, expert trader. Listened to by the thousands, videos include a day-in-the-life series of a successful day trader and CEO, Kunal Desai or 1.01 tips on how to increase profits on a trade.

Trading Coach UK

Discussing the ins and outs of Wall St, from what destroyed investment banks to interviews with Elon Musk. Be one of the 18 thousand plus subscribers of Trading Coach UK and get a daily flow of podcasts that discuss trading strategies, offer live trade coaching, and tips on trading binary options, CFD’s, Futures, Equities and Commodities.

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