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  • Tron continues sheers dominance across the dapp space, with now a strong count of some 402.
  • The number on Dapp is TRONbet according to Dapp Radar, with more than 2.3k users reported in the last 24 hours.

Binance Research conducted an in-depth report on Tron, reviewing its blockchain that serves as the infrastructure for a decentralized internet. It discovers that TRX has exceeded 100 million transactions and is used for several purposes.

The report details the strong count of DApps on the Tron network, which is seen at 394, the number has actually further grown to 402, as the platform continues to see a large influx of blockchain developers, of whom are joining and building up the ecosystem.

According to Dapp Rader, the data analysis company, they detailed that Tron sees a ranking as the No.1 TRON dapp with more than 2.3k users in the last 24 hours for TRONbet. The Dapp continues to see growth after further launching a new game on its platform.