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A bitcoin developer says that TRON is well-positioned to become more popular than Ethereum.
He pointed out that Tron sticks to an aggressive expansion strategy.

In a year, TRON will surpass Ethereum and become a leading platform for decentralized applications, a bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer believes.

“Watching  justinsuntron discussing Tron+Poloniex. Tron is so going to flippen Ethereum in the next year or so, it’s not even funny. All of the DeFi bois don’t realize it yet, but they’re going to work for Just when he acquires ConsenSys,” he wrote in his Twitter account  

He took it to Twitter after TRON’s founder Justin Sun had confirmed the purchase of a Poloniex share of and revealed his plans of cooperation with  the cryptocurrency exchange.  

Wertheimer believes that TRON beats Ethereum by a number of parameters, including transaction speed, censorship-resistance and business features.  

His post gathered a lot of comments. Some Twitter users pointed out that TRON project and his creator Justin Sun have a dubious reputation, which thwarts its advantages over Ethereum..  

However, Wertheimer is not the only one who believes that TRON and EOS can dethrone Ethereum. Thus a managing partner of Multicoin Capital earlier mentioned that Ethereum had been losing ground to new and more advanced projects.