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Bitcoin fan and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said  today at a Twitter media event in New York City. He said “hell no” when asked if he would join the Libra Association.

He then went on to explain  that the Facebook-created stablecoin didn’t need to be a cryptocurrency to pull off its broader goals of democratizing the financial system.

“I don’t know if it’s a gimmick,” said Dorsey  “but a cryptocurrency wasn’t necessary to make that work”

“It’s not an internet open standard that was born on the internet,”  

“It was born out of a company’s intention, and it’s not consistent with what I personally believe and what I want our company to stand for.”

He had some very interesting things to say here are some other highlights:

“I think the internet is somewhat of an emerging nation-state in almost every way,”  

“It almost has a currency now in the form of cryptocurrency and bitcoin.”

Jack Dorsey has always been a big fan of Bitcoin and clearly believes that Bitcoin is the cash of the internet. If Twitter adopted Libra it would be a massive step but that does not look like it’s going to happen. This leads me to think about what would happen if  Twitter made a Bitcoin wallet.