Vibe Coin surges some 400% on Binance listing, enters top 100
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Vibe Coin surges some 400% on Binance listing, enters top 100

A new cryptocurrency gains attention: Vibe. The Vibe Coin jumps by nearly 400% in its value as the Binance  exchange, growing in its own merit, decided to include it in its exchange. Trading is available on Vibe against both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This cryptocurrency, also known as VibeHub  is used to create virtual reality hubs and marketplaces. The coins can be used to sell and buy experiences using the  Holoportation Technology: capturing visual shows in  Volumetric Video, allowing intimate interactions with various performers: artists, instructors and also educators.

Update 14:09 GMT: VibeCoin is fluctuating quite massively, but the outcome remains positive. At the moment, VibeCoin is up 423% at $2.43 and already stands at the 90th place according to CoinMarketCap.

Is this another crypto craze? Perhaps. Yesterday, the fallen giant Kodak announced it would venture into the world of the blockchain technology with a “KodakCoin” that will be used for protecting copyrights. The stock more than doubled.


In any case, this meteoric rise of the Vibe Coin brings its market cap to $397 million, which puts it at the 97th place according to CoinMarketCap. It is important to note that the moves are quite wild and a crash may follow the quick rise.

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It isn’t all rosy for cryptos. We have seen higher regulatory pressure in Asia and also lots of bashing of bitcoin from central banks and highly-regarded investors all over the world.

One of the darlings of recent weeks is crashing. Ripple is tumbling down quite massively. After dethroning Ethereum at second place, the fall in XRP/USD sent it back to third place and now Ripple is worth only around a half of Ethereum.

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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