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  • Ethereum creator commented the idea of  Lightning Network integration with Ethereum blockchain.
  • The idea is suggested by  Blockade Games that will be deployed in the Ethereum’s mainnet within next weeks.

Ethereum founder Vitaly Buterin believes that the future of cryptocurrencies is in their “diversity and pluralism.” He made this statement commenting  Blockade Games ‘developer’s proposal to merge Lightning Network, the second layer of Bitcoin network with the Ethereum blockchain.

Earlier this week, the Blockade Games team described the process of Lightning Network implementation as an interface for Ethereum smart contracts. This solution is designed to ensure instant payments in Bitcoins and simultaneously launch a series of events in other blockchains, for example, issue Ethereum-based assets.

“By integrating bitcoin lightning network payments, we are able to accept instant payments in bitcoin directly, and instantaneously kick off a series of events on any other chain, such as minting a brand new Neon District asset to a ‘buyer’s ethereum or Loom Network wallet,” the team writes in a blog post.

Commenting on the Blockade Games proposal, Vitaly Buterin emphasized that while the project developers call Bitcoin “the future of money,” he believes that the future of cryptocurrencies is in their diversity and pluralism.

In the next few weeks, the team plans to deploy the project to the Ethereum’s mainnet.  

The developers noted that the code for this type of Lightning transaction is still closed, but it will be made publicly available after they are fully confident that it is secure enough.  

Speaking about the frequent disputes between the supporters of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Blockade Games CTO Ben Heidorn said that these two cryptocurrencies are “two sides of the same coin.”

Ethereum developer Kendrick Tan created a mixing service for the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value. His development is based on the basic specifications for such a service, described by Vitalik Buterin in May.