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Forex Daily Outlook – November 1 2011

US ISM Manufacturing PMI and UK housing data are the main events lined up.  Let’s see what awaits us today.

In the US, ISM Manufacturing PMI and important Manufacturing activity gauge, increased more than predicted to 51.6 in September after reaching 50.6 inAugust. A further rise to 52.3 is expected now.

Later in the US, Construction Spending  increased by 1.4% in August and is expected to continue rising by 0.4%.

More in the US, ISM Manufacturing Prices an inflation indicator climbed to55.6 in September after 55.5 in the previous month but is predicted to drop to 55.1 this time.

Also in the US, Total Vehicle Sales increased in September to 13.1 million from 12.1 million in the preceding month. It is expected to remain 13.1 million.

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In Great Britain, Nationwide HPI, measuring the monthly price of houses with mortgages, increased by 0.1% in September, within predictions. The same rise of 0.1% is forecasted this time.

More in Great Britain, Halifax HPI  an important indicator of the housing industry conditions from Halifax Bank ofScotlandreveals prices dropped by 0.5% in September after sliding 1.1% in the previous month. An increase of 0.1% is expected this time.

Later in Great Britain, Prelim GDP an early indicator for the state of the economy increased by 0.2% in the second quarter in line with predictions, following 0.5% increase in the previous quarter. An expansion of 0.4% is forecasted now.

Finally in Great Britain, Manufacturing PMI an important indicator of economic conditions, increased to51.1 inSeptember crossing the 50 point line indicating expansion after reaching49.4 inthe previous month. A small drop to 50.0 is predicted.

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In Switzerland, Retail Sales  a major consumer spending indicator, decreased by 1.9% in August after 2.9% rise in the previous month. An increase of 2.3% is expected.

More in Switzerland, SVME PMI measuring manufacturing output, dropped to48.2 in September from51.7 in the previous month. A further decrease to 47.8 is forecasted now.

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In Australia, Rate decision and the RBA rate statement important events that create market volatility. The RBA maintained the nations benchmark rate on 4.75% as in the previous month and is likely to announce the same rate this time.

More in Australia, HPI Measuring change in house prices revealed a drop of 0.1% in the second quarter following 1.1% decline in the previous quarter. Another drop of 1.4% is expected.

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In New Zealand, ANZ Commodity Prices decreased in September b 1.3%. Another drop is expected now.

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In Japan, Average Cash Earnings indicating total wages dropped by 0.6% in August after 0.2% decrease in the preceding month. A further drop of 0.3% is expected now.

Finally in Japan, Monetary Base increased by 16.7% in September and is expected to climb further to 17.3%.

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