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March saw better traffic than February, but just under the the traffic seen in March 2013. It seems that stronger volatility is needed to break to higher ground in terms of page views.

Hopefully the second quarter will see bigger moves as monetary policy divergence takes its effect on markets. Here are the numbers:


  • Page Views: 464,361.
  • Visits: 183,620.
  • Visitors: 73,208.
  • Time on Site: 3:13.
  • Average Pageviews/Visit: 2.53.
  • Bounce Rate: 47.13%

Mobile App stats:

  • Active Users:  3,413
  • Sessions:  26,179
  • Screen Views:  137,919
  • Screens / Session:  5.27


  • Twitter followers: 12,766
  • Facebook fans: 10,488.
  • RSS Subscribers: 3859 (March 31st).
  • Newsletter subscribers: Weekly monthly list: 8,738, daily digest list: 5,553. Note that users that are inactive for more than a year are removed from the list.

For reference, here are the numbers for February 2014 and March 2013.

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