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The endless talks between private bondholders of Greek debt are probably really making progress this time. Reports about an agreed draft are emerging after 3 intense days of talks.

The relief for Greece may be limited, but EUR/USD rises once again.

At this time last week, EUR/USD was crashing. S&P downgraded 9 euro-zone countries, and this managed to overshadow news about the breakdown of talks between Greece and its private bondholders.

This Friday is different. After talks resumed, a deal might be in hand. The draft discussed between the two parties has reportedly  been approved by the EU.

A deal on a 50% voluntary haircut is necessary for the second bailout program for the debt struck country, and necessary for preventing a disorderly default in March.

EUR/USD is rising in range once again. After losing the 1.2945 line, it found support above 1.2873 and rose once again. A first attempt on 1.2945 didn’t succeed, but the pair is quite close.

It is very important to remember that a 50% haircut on Greek debt is not a reduction of the Greek debt mountain by 50%. Apart from the private sector, a lot of bonds are held by the Official Sector: the European Central Bank and the IMF.

A far better solution for the Greek debt issues would be if the ECB would accept to take a hit on its bonds. Mario Draghi didn’t reject this in the last press conference.

Will Europe take the extra step this time?

Probably not, and this may limit any rally.

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