5 Most Predictable Currency Pairs


Some currency pairs are more predictable than others. Here are my top 5:

  1. AUD/USD
  2. EUR/GBP
  3. NZD/USD
  4. EUR/USD
  5. USD/CHF

More predictable currency pairs are currency pairs that “play by the rules” of technical anlysis. For example, if there’s a distinct resistance line or support line, then the pair will usually bounce when getting to close. Or, if this pair crosses the line, it does it “big time”, and makes a big move.

Unpredictable currency pairs tend to be hesitant, suddenly surprise and are hard to analyze. They make traders suffer. I find the USD/JPY to be the worst.

What are your most predictable and least predictable currency pairs?

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  7. I quite agree with your list..amongst the most unpredictable I would say is the GBP/JPY – insane!

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  14. BeginnersForexCourse on

    I completely agree with you on the EUR/USD and USD/CHF, two pairs I trade, especially the EURO. Great insight in to the other predictable currencies though – I will have to check them out. Thanks!

  15. As of late, I have to say the EUR/USD. I keep shorting the rallys.


  16. eur/usd,eur/jpy,aus/usd,gbp/usd,gbp/chf;are more predictable, usd/jpy and gbp/jpy are terrible

  17. One of the most predictable pairs, at least the one that i have most success with, is AUDNZD. This year my success percentage with this pais is close to 90%. I could have been rich by now if I had known this 6 months ago 🙂

  18. I am a bit surprised that you listed USDJPY as “the worst” pair. What do you say then for GBPCAD?

  19. Thanks for your comment. AUD/NZD is certainly a great pair. Regarding USD/JPY, I find that it makes false breaks on clear lines, mostly due to political issues in Japan that I find hard to follow. I’m not so familiar with GBP/CAD, but I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  20. Phfxtrader on

    EUR/USD is out of my predictable list. This is a news trader’s point of view. NZD/USD is top of my list followed by AUD/USD and USD/CAD.

  21. Phfxtrader on

    Btw, I think this post needs to be updated? Just in case your top 5 pairs have changed..

  22. Yup, EUR/USD is somewhat problematic lately. The post definitely needs to be updated. It’s been a while…

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  25. Robert Woodbridge-Lee on

    I find EURUSD, AUDUSD and GBPUSD the tech pairs, although GBPUSD ealry London/Europe tends to go into fast forward.

  26. David Smith on

    I would also consider nzd/jpy to be a very good pair to trade especially if you trade nzd/usd. They almost follow each other as a mirror image. It is a good pair to sell short if you get yourself in trouble with nzd/usd.

  27. the worst pairs to trade are gbpused, eurusd, gbpjpy, usdjpy…i simply hate trading on them..i love trading cadjpy, gbpcad, audcad and eurgbp…i think gbpchf is getting to be worse nowadays…i simply love fx…i am a nigerian