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Forex Crunches for the Weekend – December 10

Quite an exciting week ended with Europe still struggling to find a solution to the never-ending debt crisis. How will it end? Where will the euro find itself through this process?  

Until new developments unfold, the markets are now closed and it’s time to lean back and enjoy some long term forex articles. Here are my picks with an extended selection this time.  Enjoy!

  • Jamie Coleman criticizes Mario Draghi for his shift on buying bonds en-masse – the move that sent the euro lower.
  • Larry Greenberg points out that the US advantage in services sector activity has trimmed, and this has a long term impact.
  • Lior Cohen discusses the reaction in gold, silver and oil to the European turmoil.
  • Neil Hume reports that Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein wants the opinion of London market professionals regarding their opinion of GS. The survey is built in a way that leads to a positive answer about the banking giant.
  • Mish tries to understand the truth about the clash between Bloomberg and and the Federal Reserve regarding the huge $7.7 trillion emergency loans.
  • Andriy Moraru discusses partial profit taking in forex and asks if it really works?
  • Jay Norris continues his serious of the six stages to trading success. The fifth stage is linked. You can see the rest of the articles over there.
  • Casey Stubbs provides a basic guide about forex trading – a guide relevant for seasoned traders as well.
  • Michael Greenberg reports about the end-of-year effect on forex volumes: they are down by 11% according to ICAP. Other companies report similar trends.
  • Francesc Riverola reports that Spanish regulator CNMV placed a long list of websites in a list of “non-authorized” firms. This includes suspicious companies, but also a very mainstream information portal. Very weird decision.
  • James Woolley reports that IG Index reduces spreads on forex pairs. The trend of lower spreads continues.
Here are some long term articles published in Forex Crunch in the past two weeks:

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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