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  1. ……….until a trader trades real money and large amounts at that there is no reality, a mere dream a game.
    Real money trading is the only way to learn trading and to gauge success or failure.
    I have tried , in the past to teach traders with demo accounts……..did not work.
    Now I only teach traders to trade with real money…sharpens the mind and ensures obeying the simple rules.

  2. Well spotted!

    The same method applies to most “forex robot championships”.

    The goal is to trade as reckless as possible.. and if the account is not killed and was making some thousand percent within a weeks.. you can win!

    While prizes are really attractive.. you should also keep in mind that -most of the time- your source code goes into ownership of the competition initiator.

    If you are a real money trader and like to get an in-depth analysis of your brokers feed (slippage, latency, order quality, ping times).. myBrokerStats is an awesome tool!

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