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Daily Forex, a site that offers forex information in various ways, now offers a widget that can be embedded in other webistes. Here’s a review of the advantages and disadvantages of this widget.

In general, the widget provides an all-in-one capabilities: currency converter, forex news, daily analysis, forex signals, a forex glossary and many more features. The total 12 tools cover all thinkable aspects of forex trading.

The design is also nice: the buttons are big and the icons are very intuitive and straightforward. There’s one navigation problem though. When I click on one of the tools, I expect a “Back” button that’s familiar to everybody. Eventually I discovered that the “Main Menu” does this functionality, but it’s not intuitive enough.

Here’s the forex widget:

The forex widget is rather new, and still suffers from some bugs. I hope they’ll be fixed soon. For example, clicking on Forex Signals doesn’t open anything.

All in all, a forex all in one widget is a great idea. The widget by daily forex is well planned and nicely designed. They still have bugs (or glitches) that must be fixed, but the direction is good. I hope to see the next version. You can grab it on their site.

What do you think about it?