Forex Best Awards 2012 – Winners List
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Forex Best Awards 2012 – Winners List

FXStreet’s Forex Best Awards for 2012 has ended. More than 5000 participants cast their votes. Thanks to everybody that voted for Forex Crunch.

Unfortunately, the site didn’t win the Best Fundamental Analysis category that it won in 2011. Congratulations to  “What’s up, Forex Doc? 6-month Check up” by    that won the prize. Forex Crunch is part of the  “Experts Forecast Currencies Poll” that won the Best Technical Analysis award.

Congratulations to my associates at DailyFX who won the best broker research team award, and the great guys at BabyPips who won the Best New Contributor award.

Thanks again for all the support. Here is the full list.


Best Fundamental Analysis
1. “What’s up, Forex Doc? 6-month Check up” by
2. “Piponomics” by BabyPips

Best Technical Analysis
1. “Experts Forecast Currencies Poll” by  a pool of contributors on  
2. “The best pair to trade now” by Valeria Bednarik

Best Banking Research Team
1.  Wells Fargo
2. BNP Paribas

Best Broker Research Team

Best Educational Content
1. “Lessons from the Pros” by  Online Trading Academy
2. “There are no secrets – Forex Experts share their trading tips” by

Best Educator
1.  Sam Seiden – Online Trading Academy
2. Gon̤alo Moreira Р

Best Webinar
1. “Short Term Market Timing in the Forex Market” by  Sam Seiden – Online Trading Academy
2. “Forex Trading Tactics – Picking Tops and Bottoms, Joining a Trend at Value” by Kathy Lien

Best Book
1. “Selling America Short” by  Ed Ponsi      
2. “Attacking Currency Trends” by Greg Michalowski

Best Magazine
1.  FX Trader Magazine  
2. SFO

Best New Contributor
2. ElliottWaveForex

Most Helpful Fellow
1.  FX Bootcamp team
2. ForexSchoolOnline

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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