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Jakob Dupont Knudsen of TradeProfits has written a comprehensive book about forex trading. The new book is for beginners as well as seasoned traders. Here’s a review and a hand out.

Forex Hacking begins from giving good habits to new traders: Knudsen lays out a proper trade log. He then goes to deal with risk management, an important aspect that is neglected by many traders.

The book continues to separating breakouts from “fakeouts”, trading the news, advanced technical analysis and lots more. I found the chapter about Gap Trading very interesting.  Forex Hacking will be launched on Tuesday, February 16th.

The author has agreed to hand out 4 free copies to Forex Crunch readers! All you have to do is comment on this post with a valid email until Monday, February 15th 23:59 GMT. I’ll randomly pick 4 winners on Tuesday and announce them.

In the comment, you may ask Jakob any question you like, or write anything you wish…

Thank you everybody. I’m happy to see so much interest. The comments are closed, and the winners will be announced in the early hours of the afternoon GMT, together with the official launch of the book.

About the author, in his own words:

My name is Jakob Knudsen. I am a guy in the late twenties from Denmark. I have been interested in day trading for almost as long as I can remember . I have been involved with forex trading for about six years now. This has been on and off, as I have been studying and working at the same time. Practice and real accounts. I sure have lost my share in this game, but I see this as an “educational fee”. I was, like the majority of other traders, dragged into this game from fake claims, promising me millions overnight. I had a good time in the beginning, especially when demo trading, but I soon realized that this was not as easy as I had been promised. I then started buying EA ´s, signal services, systems, etc. I have been all over the place, and realized that most of these services and products is nothing but hot air. A few good ones and a lot of bad ones! Getting started in forex trading takes time, and luckily I kept trying. Now I am not claiming to be a guru, but I sure have learned a lot throughout the years, and this is what I am sharing in this book. I am not telling anyone they will be rich overnight through forex trading, and my book will not make them millionaires either. I am just so sick and tired of seeing these typical scroll-down-for-two-hours-and-read-how-to-get-rich-overnight-pain-in-the-ass-fake sales pages.

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