There is a currency that always goes up


Stock markets go up and down. During these troubled times of a global economic crisis, stocks are tumbling down. Even on the day of Obama’s inauguration, stocks went down.

In the Forex market, trading is in currency pairs – which means that when a currency weakens, it loses ground to another currency. So, there’s always a currency that goes up.

In the past few months, the currencies that went up are the US dollar and the Japanese Yen, while European currencies such as the British pound, Swiss Franc and the Euro went down. Also the Swedish and Norwegian currencies have suffered.

What will happen in 2009? Everyone is looking for signals in Forex.  Well, here’s a a list of Forex forecasts for 2009. Most forecasts distinguish between the first half of 2009, and the second half, in which some kind of recovery is expected.

This is why I like forex trading, and this is why these bad times, the forex market swings a lot. These are definitely exciting times for forex traders.

On the other hand, forex trading, especially when using high leverages. Well, we must be careful in forex trading as well…

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  6. What all of your commentators carefully avoid mentioning, is that there is always a currency that goes down. If you choose the wrong one, you lose; simple as that. So at best you have a 50% chance of being right, and a 50% chance of being wrong. You might as well throw darts at a list of stocks, or choose two currencies and flip a coin as to which one you think will go up. Same odds.

  7. Spot the difference:

    “There is a currency that always goes up”

    “So, there’s always a currency that goes up.”

    Major logic fail! I hope to goodness you only trade your own money.

  8. Thanks, Tom, for pointing out the sneaky logic error behind the headline.

    But it it worse than that. I forget which famous currency trader it was who said it, but some one of them said that the only way to make really big money on currency trading is when the Central Bank (of that country’s currency makes a mistake.

    Fortunately, they don’t make mistakes as often as they used to. But that means that big opportunities in currency trading are rare.

  9. commonsense on

    That is easily the dumbest thing I have ever read.

    First of all: I clicked on this article expecting the MSM to catch on to the obvious fact that the Chinese Central bank is giving away money right now to anyone smart enough to put out their hand.

    Instead I’m greated with the innane observation that in a financial market: there’s always a winner and a loser.

    No shit sherlock. The same can be said about stocks: someone always makes a profit.

    Either the person driving down prices with shorts, or the guy who cuts his losses.

    What’s your next pearl of wisdom? Buy low, sell high?

    Someone take away this asshole’s typewriter and send him back to school. His hardon for FOREX is so outlandish it’s possible he has syphilis.

  10. This article is a waste of space. Does this guy even have an editor? In any market a currency goes up while another my go down. I’m going to assume your 5th grader got a hold of your computer and wrote that without you knowing. In any market a stock goes up while another goes down too. Because that’s how the shit works. Its called a MARKET. Absolutely revolting that someone allowed this to be published.

  11. Human being #9284782364 on

    To think I wasted a minute of my life reading this totally useless article. Time better spent watching the grass grow. What is the world coming to ?

  12. Jack Sprinkauer on

    Title of the article is grammatically flawed.

    Should say “There is always a currency that goes up.” The way it reads (“There is a currency that always goes up”), it means that a currency exists which is guaranteed to rise against other currencies.

    Maybe not just flawed but…. fraudulent title? In search of clicks….

  13. Polly Famous on

    Forex Crunch offers these blockbuster tips: “Stock markets go up and down; These are definitely exciting times for forex traders; Well, we must be careful in forex trading as well.” It’s pretty easy to see that unemployed actors have given up barista work and are doing forex analysis now.

  14. Almost like saying “Gold rises because gold rises, until of course it falls.”