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FXStreet, one of the largest forex portals has a new and improved design which makes the site easier to navigate. In addition, another important change has been made – the site loads very fast now.

fxstreet design

The navigation bar on the top of the page looks much better now. Despite the many options available, it doesn’t feel too crowded. The site’s inner pages have two columns now, adding to the feeling that the site is large and spacious.

Apart from the top bar, navigation is easier on FXStreet now. It has a more fluid feeling, encouraging people to stay longer on the site.

Another thing is that the advertisements on the site blend in the content in a better way, not too  intrusive but still very visible. This is a delicate balance that is hard to find.

For people that visit the site only very occasionally, the change isn’t dramatic, but for everyday users, these little improvements make a big difference.

The last issue is performance. As many web workers know, the time that it takes pages to load is critical. While visitors won’t usually know that they left a site due to slow load speed, they “vote with their mouse” by walking away. And a speedy site will keep them on the site for a longer time, seeing more pages.

FXStreet now loads faster, despite the large amount of elements on its home page.

Also here on Forex Crunch, I’m planning a significant redesign, which is taking me a long time. I hope the results including both design and performance, will be worth the big effort.

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