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In Part 2 of the ‘How to become a trader’ video, from the series ‘The Hedge Fund Way’, we discuss ‘risk’, ‘edge’ and ‘trading news trading mentor, Dr. Corvin Codirla, and Nick Batsford, CEO at Tip TV.

Risk and leverage – are two key elements which define a trader. “Look at the great traders of the last 100 years, they all started small but made big sums in the end, took risks”, says Codirla as he explains how crucial is the fine line between reducing losses and leveraging up.

You need to be a pig, a pig which reduces losses, leverages up, to become a better trader. Playing safe doesn’t work, but risk-control does.

While risk is an important part to become a better trader, finding an ‘edge’ is really a key factor. It shouldn’t be only about following other traders or systems, but finding opportunities in the market. As Codirla says, “It is not about what you can take out from the market, it is about what the market will give you”.

Defining the ‘risk’ and ‘edge’ approach in trading, Codirla continues to explain the three key FX drivers – Interest rates, Flows and Value. Watch the video for further insights.

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