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Ripple, now established as the second cryptocurrency after surpassing Ethereum in terms of market capitalization, continues trading in a volatile manner. The break above $1.50 extended and extended and XRP/USD reached a peak of $2.47 according to the data on Bitstamp.

From there, the digital coin began a significant correction. An initial drop saw Ripple’s price dipping under $1.80 before another wave of buying sent it to nearly $2.20. A fresh wave of selling already sent XRP/Dollar to a low of $1.61.

The price at the time of writing is $1.88, which is basically balanced today, New Year’s Eve. The recent bounce can be attributed to rumors that Ripple will be included in the world’s most popular exchange, Coinbase.

According to a video circulated on Reddit, the beta site of Coinbase allows trading on XRP/USD. This hasn’t been confirmed and may be wrong, but it does make sense. The American exchange features other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, which has recently lost its fifth place position to Cardano. So why not Ripple?

Cryptocurrencies have the advantage of being available over the weekend and wild swings can occur also on New Year’s Eve when traders and speculators ought to be partying rather than sitting in front of their computer or phone screens.

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Here is the hourly chart of XRP/USD showing the rise, fall, and stabilization.