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CorrSight provides real time analytics to to traders. It’s Trader Comapss product providers alerts and guidance to traders, and aims to prevent them from falling into pitfalls.

It has now partnered with Leverate, which is a software provider for forex brokers, to provide the compass to Leverate’s customers.

Leverate continues evolving rapidly with more products and options available to forex brokers. The process gained traction since Saxo Bank made an investment in Leverate. Here are more details about this new cooperation, from the official press release:

CorrSight Delivers “Traders Compass” TM to Leverate’s Customers


February 27, 2012 –  Leverate, an industry leading provider of premium Forex broker solutions, has partnered with CorrSight, a leading vendor of real-time analytics-based trader education & guiding services, to offer CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” â„¢ to Leverate’s customers. The goal of the partnership is to combine Leverate’s comprehensive premium broker solution package with CorrSight’s cutting-edge real-time technology for the benefit of Forex traders.

CorrSight, a leading vendor of real-time analytics-based trader education & guiding services, has partnered with Leverate, an industry leader of premium Forex broker solutions. CorrSight will provide its innovative “Traders Compass” TM product to Leverate’s customers, as part of Leverate’s acclaimed solution package.

Leverate is a premium broker solutions provider, dedicated to delivering a wide array of innovative solutions and services that enable Forex brokers and financial institutions to minimize risk and maximize profit. Adding CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM to Leverate’s portfolio is another step in Leverate’s strategy to offer cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of traders, powered by breakthrough technology. Traders using Leverate’s trading platform and CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM will get real-time education and guiding regarding their transactions, thus avoiding common trading pitfalls and improving their trading skills & market awareness.

CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM monitors and analyzes traders’ activity in real time and provides immediate education and guiding alerts & messages, allowing the traders to avoid common trading pitfalls and improve their trading skills. As a result, traders using CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM enjoy faster learning curves and better trading experience, while brokers enjoy higher trading volumes and customer retention. “Traders Compass” TM integrates with the both web-based and PC-downloaded trading platforms without any end-user effort, seamlessly monitoring traders’ activity & offering real-time feedback & insight.

The partnership will allow CorrSight to introduce its services to Leverate’s brokers and will allow Leverate to enhance the services incorporated in its Private Label offering, thus providing Leverate clients with the competitive edge required for succeeding in today’s Forex industry.

“We believe that providing the trader with real-time personalized feedback on his activity has a huge impact on his trading experience and market understanding. CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM is the most advanced real-time education & guiding solution in the market and we are thrilled about the opportunity to introduce it to Leverate’s customer base.” says Hudi Zack, co-founder and CEO of CorrSight.

“We are enthusiastic about the benefits that CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM will provide to our customers.  As the industry’s leading provider of premium Forex broker solutions and committed to staying ahead of industry trends, we believe that CorrSight’s “Traders Compass” TM is an attractive addition to our offerings,” said Leverate’s VP Products, Itay Damti.

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