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According to CNN, It’s 50:50 in Florida (around 1,000 votes gap) after 80% of votes counted. Romney needs to win this state to stand a chance. Anything is possible there. The race is still open. However, Florida was expected to go to Romney, and it is worth 29 electors. If Obama wins Florida, it is over.

Update:  Obama is re-elected – EUR/USD jumps towards resistance  – will the dollar continue weakening, or could this turn around?

Pennsylvania is projected to go to Obama. Romney made a last minute effort there. Also Wisconsin is projected to go to Obama according to some networks. Real results are closer, and EUR/USD is stuck at 1.2789.

Real results show Obama leading in Colorado, New Hampshire and Ohio. Romney is leading in Wisconsin and Virigina. In all these races, the count is low.

CNN and NBC also released figures for many other states, which resulted in no surprises – Romney won states such as Oklahoma and  Tennessee, while Obama won states like Rhode Island and Massachusetts. No big surprises.

Earlier, CNN projected a 3% lead for Obama in Ohio, and a tie in North Carolina and Virginia.

It seems quite close, but Obama has better chances of winning.

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